sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2007

Day after

(Conseqüências no seguinte serão superadas)

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Anônimo disse...

I'm reckless and feelin' no pain
You know I've got no need to control
Livin' with the danger I'm always on the edge now
With million dollars visions that I hold
Livin' like this never ever tore my life apart
I know how to maintain and
You know I know my part

Eduardo Buza Martins disse...

Nem vem com essa de que foi ele que butô pá nois bebê...

Luciana F. disse...

dear reckless, if you really don't have the need to control, would you be so kind and teach me how to be like that? Or, even better, is it possible to live without thinking on the dat after?