sábado, 11 de agosto de 2007

Too many files

There was a time when I used to write a lot. Actually I used to be much more artistic than I am today. Well, I don't even know if there is, within my soul, any kind of latent artistic expression at this time of my life or it is just the need of speaking my mind and the urge of expelling the demons from within my head that makes me feel like doing something artistic. I mean, there is this feeling deep inside which pushes me to get to achieve something tangible to the world's sensitivity in terms of art. Writing a book or writing anything that approaches to literature would be the closest thing I could now begin to develop, specially because of the way of life I am attached to. But it doesn't seem enough. Why does my mind insist not to slow down when I command it? Why is my soul so restless in its search for freedom? Sometimes I feel as if I am neither at the right time nor at the right place. The need of expression is so strong that makes me suffer, specially when I just can't say what I am thinking. I am not going out of my mind, there is no need to worry. It is just that the files are getting way bigger than my brain storage capacity. Needed to throw them out.

2 comentários:

Luciana F. disse...

Realmente, não sei pq postei em inglês....deve ter baixado uma pomba-gira yankee aqui, sei lá....

Anônimo disse...

"Pomba-gira yankee", se ve que sua criatividade grita, tem suas proprias pernas, eh independente e autonoma. Voce pode querer segurar ela, mas ela vai continuar dando um jeitinho de aparecer :)

We do live in a globolized world-nowadays speaking different languages has become commonplace, but jeeeeezz where the hell did you learn to write so well? It took me high school and college in English to be able to have any decent writing at all--what a intelligent gal you are! Keep it up.