quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2007

What the bleep do we know?

Ponder These for a While . . .
• What are your assumptions of reality? What’s the most basic one
you make every day?
• Have you ever thought about what thoughts are made of?
• Can you give an example of how your thoughts become reality?
• Was writing an answer to the preceding question an example?
• What are dreams? If both dreaming and perception are primarily
brain activities
, why would you think that the outside world was
more real?
• Which state feels more real?
• What is the difference between reality and your perception of it?
• How will changing your paradigm change your perception of
• Is it possible to change your perception of reality without changing
your paradigm?
• What color are your glasses now?

We see the world through our mind not through our eyes.
Remember that when you wake up in the morning, always.

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g r a z i h e n k e disse...

what the bleep do we know é mindfucking total.